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FSP0015 – LoRaWAN – Facility Science Podcast #15

Notes for FSP0015 – LoRaWAN LoRa = Long Range, low power communication technology. This is a proprietary technology owned by Semtech. Physical layer (see #1) communication mechanism uses a spread-spectrum modulation technique to communicate over a very long range (up to 15km (>9 miles) in rural areas and with good penetration on urban areas and… Read More »

FSP0014 – Modbus – Facility Science Podcast #14

  Notes for FSP0014 – Modbus Modbus is protocol for industrial automation and communication defines both a communication structure and a data model. is an application layer protocol. I talked more about protocol stacks and layers in #1 of this podcast (How the Internet Works) if you want more information about that. was developed by… Read More »

FSP0013 – BACnet – Facility Science Podcast #13

  Notes for FSP0013 – BACnet BACnet is a data communication protocol for Building Automation and Control Networks B, A, C is for Building, Automation, Control (B,A,C) net is for Networks (so BAC, net) BACnet defines standard methods of communication and data representation that allow building automation and control devices from different manufacturers to communicate… Read More »

FSP0009 – Electrical Safety Devices – Facility Science Podcast #9

  Notes for FSP0009 – Electrical Safety Devices This is about electrical safety devices, specifically circuit breakers, fuses, GFCI (RCD) and AFCI (or AFDD). Two types of overcurrent devices with similar function: circuit breakers and fuses Circuit breakers Opens the circuit when more than the rated current is detected. In the context of power distribution… Read More »

FSP0007 – Refrigerant – Facility Science Podcast #7

  Notes for FSP0007 – Refrigerant What is refrigerant A refrigerant is a substance (sometimes a mixture of substances) that is used in a refrigerant cycle to move heat from one place to another. A substance that we use as refrigerant has certain properties that make it suitable for this use which I will get… Read More »